Here, you can view general data on your system, including version, hardware, your platform, and performance statistics. You can also export/import the settings in a .zip file or restart PhotonVision/your coprocessor.


Here, you can set your team number, switch your IP between DHCP and static, and specify your host name. For more information about on-robot networking, click here.

The “team number” field will accept (in addition to a team number) an IP address or hostname. This is useful for testing PhotonVision on the same computer as a simulated robot program; you can set the team number to “localhost”, and PhotonVision will send data to the network tables in the simulated robot.


Something must be entered into the team number field if using PhotonVision on a robot. Using a team number is recommended (as opposed to an IP address or hostname).


If your coprocessor electronics support hardware-controlled LED’s and has the proper hardware configuration set up, here you can adjust the brightness of your LEDs.