Installing PhotonLib

What is PhotonLib?

PhotonLib is the vendor dependency that accompanies PhotonVision. We created this vendor dependency to make it easier for teams to retrieve vision data from their integrated vision system.

Online Install

Click on the WPI icon on the top right of your VS Code window or hit Ctrl+Shift+P (Cmd+Shift+P on macOS) to bring up the command palette. Type, “Manage Vendor Libraries” and select the “WPILib: Manage Vendor Libraries” option. Then, select the “Install new library (online)” option.


Paste the following URL into the box that pops up:


It is recommended to Build Robot Code at least once when connected to the Internet before heading to an area where Internet connectivity is limited (for example, a competition). This ensures that the relevant files are downloaded to your filesystem.

Offline Install

This installation option is currently a work-in-progress. For now, we recommend users use the online installation method.