Photon Tracked Target

What is a Photon Tracked Target?

A tracked target contains information about each target from a pipeline result. This information includes yaw, pitch, area, and robot relative pose.

Retrieving Data from a Photon Tracked Target

You can use the getYaw()/GetYaw(), getPitch()/GetPitch(), getArea()/GetArea(), getSkew()/GetSkew(), getCorners()/GetCorners(), and getCameraToTarget()/GetCameraToTarget() methods (Java and C++ respectively) within the tracked target class to retrieve the yaw, pitch, area, skew, target corners, and the camera-to-target transform.

// Get information from target.
double yaw = target.getYaw();
double pitch = target.getPitch();
double area = target.getArea();
double skew = target.getSkew();
Transform2d pose = target.getCameraToTarget();
List<TargetCorner> corners = target.getCorners();
// Get information from target.
double yaw = target.GetYaw();
double pitch = target.GetPitch();
double area = target.GetArea();
double skew = target.GetSkew();
frc::Transform2d pose = target.GetCameraToTarget();
wpi::SmallVector<std::pair<double, double>, 4> corners = target.GetCorners();


The units for yaw, pitch, and skew are degrees and use standard computer vision directionality. Therefore, a negative yaw means that the recognized target is to the left of the center of the screen, a negative pitch means that the recognized target is below the center of the screen, and skew values are counter-clockwise-positive measured with respect to the horizontal (taking portrait/landscape mode into account). Furthermore, area is scaled from 0-100, representing the percentage of the screen taken up by the bounding box.


The camera-to-target transform represents a 2d transformation (translation and rotation) to the target. For more information on how this works, please see the 2d transform documentation.


getCorners()/GetCorners() will return the 4 corners of the minimum bounding box rectangle (in no particular order). This is useful for users interested in curve fitting and other more advanced techniques.