Competition Usage / Networking

Port Forwarding

If you would like to access your Ethernet-connected vision device from a computer when tethered to the USB port on the roboRIO, you can use WPILib’s PortForwarder.

PortForwarder.add(5800, "photonvision.local", 5800);
wpi::PortForwarder::GetInstance().Add(5800, "photonvision.local", 5800);


The address in the code above (photonvision.local) is the hostname of the coprocessor. This can be different depending on your hardware (ex. for the Gloworm it will be gloworm.local)

Camera Stream Ports

The camera streams start at they begin at 1181 with two ports for each camera (ex. 1181 and 1182 for camera one, 1183 and 1184 for camera two, etc.). The easiest way to identify the port of the camera that you want is right clicking the stream you want in the dashboard, clicking “Open image in new tab”, and then looking at the link for the port (which is listed after the hostname ex. photonvision.local:1182).